About Us

The idea of harvesting unused fruit came about from walking around our
neighborhood with my newborn son. Even though I'd lived in this neighborhood for
many years,  it was only then that I began to notice the large amount and variety
of fruit trees in people's front and back yards. I also saw that much of the fruit was
wasting away on the ground. I thought to myself, "Someone should really harvest
the fruit and give it to others." And then I thought, "Hey, I used to love picking
fruit as a child. Why dont I start a little group..."
And so NBH was came to fruition so to speak.

Initially, I imagined it would be a small neighborhood project.
It has been that, but I had no idea how many people
would love both donating and harvesting the fruit.
The need is great. The people who donate their fruit
are SO relieved that the fruit is not being wasted.
And, of course, the recipients of the fruit are very, very happy.
It has made me very, very happy too as I have met many new friends
and feel more part of my community.
It's a win-win all around!
We are not an official organization.
We're a group of friends who enjoy doing this as a community service.
It's our way of volunteering in a more direct, grassroots way...
If we have one thing in common, it's a love for picking, plucking, and gleaning fruit,
eating it right off the tree (nothing quite compares...)
and sharing it with one and all!
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a harvest,
please contact Natasha Boissier at (510) 812-3369 or via e-mail.