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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
All in One Year!

We've just completed out first year at NBH and what fun it's been!

I have to say the experiences we've had this year have exceeded my wildest imagination.
And my imagination is wild... But I digress. With the help of 16 volunteers, we've picked
over 7000 lbs of fruit from 65 homes which were donated to 7 local organizations,
without looking for it we got all sorts of media coverage which subsequently spread
like wild fire over the internet and people's blogs, we've heard from people in Maui,
South Africa, Kentucky, California (Marin, Pasadena, Davis) who are inspired to start
their own harvest groups, we had 2 websites built pro-bono, the USF MBA students
did an outreach project which educated children about harvesting, we've met new neighbors,
new volunteers, new friends. It's just been wonderful.

Thank you to all! Let's see what this next year uncovers...

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a harvest,
please contact Natasha Boissier at (510) 812-3369 or via e-mail.