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North Berkeley Harvest Volunteer Sarah E. Bites in to the sweet fruits of her labor!
Today we harvest 250 lbs of local, organic oranges that were subsequently donated to several shelters.


Hi All,

The NBH Stats for 2009 are in. This past year, with the help of about 10 wonderful volunteers, we harvested 3,284 lbs of luscious, local, organic backyard fruit from 30 families. This is about half the harvesting we did last year and here are the possible reasons why we the haul was not as bountiful:

#1 I did less outreach in 2009 b/c I had less free time, but I also noticed two patterns: one was more people were contacting me asking where they could donate their fruit as they planned on harvesting it themselves. I thought this was great because one of NBH's goals is to bring attention to the fact that people can harvest and locally donate their own fruits quite easily.

#2 Across the board this year, many people reported less fruit on their trees. Someone told me that often one year will be robust and the next less so... Dont know if that is true.

We thank our community for being so generous with their fruits. Most of it went to a local women's and children's shelter. They staff and residents were very thankful and clearly enjoyed having fresh, yummy fruit available.

All the best for 2010,



If you have any questions or would like to schedule a harvest,
please contact Natasha Boissier at (510) 812-3369 or via e-mail.